Injection Equipment and Product Application Services

With over 10 years of successful field injection results, OnMaterials offers a unique skill set built upon the research, development, and implementation of best practices in injection equipment and services. We provide superior services at your project site using our state of the art, custom equipment that has been engineered to ensure ease of use in many soil and groundwater environments. We have successfully completed injection projects at military bases, large industrial companies both inside and outside, small storefronts, and many other environments. Our custom equipment, expertise, and adaptability allow us to successfully complete challenging and unusual projects.

OnMaterials has a staff of engineers who all have at least a B.S. in Chemical or Mechanical Engineering, and experience with injections in many different conditions and environments. They provide unmatched expertise and problem solving when it matters most - directly at the jobsite.


No two injection events are the same. Our injection equipment is 

versatile and can be configured to best suit most remediation 

programs. We will assess site conditions and use the appropriate 

mixing, distribution and injection pumps to meet your program needs.

We are accustomed to working in many environments - from inside buildings to open fields to active parking lots
Shipping and receiving in the field is not always trivial - we are used to overcoming logistical challenges wherever they may arise
Uniform Delivery of Remediation Amendments

Even the most reactive remediation amendments are ineffective if they cannot be brought into direct contact with soil and groundwater contaminants. Using the proper injection technique is critically important for achieving your remediation goals. Our equipment and methods are engineered to provide the most uniform and complete distribution of remediation amendments. This includes both top down and bottom up DPT and injecting into screened wells.

Expertise in ZVI and Mixtures of Remediation Amendments

Our injection equipment can be configured to apply most ZVI products ranging from very small (NZVI) to large (microscale). Many environmental remedies are best accomplished by using a mixture of remediation products. Our mixing, distribution, and injection equipment have been designed to successfully inject many multi-component remediation systems.