AquaMetal ZVI

OnMaterials is pleased to announce our newest product - AquaMetal ZVI - a unique variation of our Z-Loy engineered material which features small particle sized iron suspended in a water-based matrix.  

Proprietary processing methods allow for an organic-free material which has an extended shelf life and exhibits the fastest reactivity of any commercially available iron product - The ideal material for abiotic reduction of chlorinated hydrocarbons, chromium, arsenic, pesticides, etc.  

OnMaterials recently undertook a study to compare degradation of TCE with 2.0 g/L  AquaMetal ZVI as well as 10.0 g/L of

 "off-the-shelf" carbonyl iron powder.   What we learned is that greater efficacy against chlorinated contaminants is observed with a lesser dose of AquaMetal ZVI versus carbonyl iron - In this case, less is more.  



In addition to superior reactivity, AquaMetal ZVI features an ease-of-use aspect that is unparalleled by any ZVI material on the market - 

  •  No powder feeders    
  •  No thickening with guar
  •  Pneumatic or hydraulic fracturing is not mandatory
  •  Less material required = Less freight, smaller footprint onsite.