Z-Loy™ MicroMetal

Z-Loy™ MicroMetal is engineered to accomplish the rapid and sustained degradation of chlorinated hydrocarbons and other toxic groundwater contaminants. No other ZVI product provides the unique combination of small particle size, ease of use, and reactivity with many common groundwater contaminants.

Product Overview

Z-Loy™ MicroMetal contains reactive metal particles suspended in an organic carrier. The average particle size is approximately two  to three (2 - 3) micrometers; this is the optimum size for in-situ remediation and provides a unique combination of rapid reactivity and mobility through groundwater.  

Easy to Use

Z-Loy MicroMetal is very easy to mix and inject into contaminated groundwater.  The fluid is pumped or poured into mixing tanks containing water and optionally, other remediation amendments.  The resulting aqueous suspension is then pumped directly into the contaminated groundwater at pressures that are often below 20 psi.  

No other zero valent metal products can be injected with such a diverse set of equipment including pneumatic diaphragm pumps, progressing cavity pumps, and centrifugal pumps.   A unique feature Z-Loy™ MicroMetal is the ability to be injected through horizontal and vertical screened wells as well as sampler screens via DPT

 Z-Loy MicroMetal is a stable product and can be stored at ambient conditions. 

The Perfect Particle Size for In-Situ Remediation

Small particles are a unique feature of  Z-Loy™ products.  With an average particle size of a few micrometers, the particles are small enough to be suspended in water and injected directly into contaminated aquifers at low pressures.  However, the particle size is stall large enough to provide long-acting reactivity without requiring the high injection pressures and fracking needed to inject larger ZVI products.

Particle size distribution of Z-Loy™ MicroMetal measured using laser diffraction. The median (volume average) particle size is 1.7 micrometers.
Dark field optical microscope picture of Z-Loy™ MicroMetal. The mean (volume average) particle size is 3 micrometers and 90% of the particles (volume average) are smaller than 8 micrometers.

Z-Loy MicroMetal contains both zero valent iron and iron silicide; both are powerful electrochemical reductants.   When added to groundwater, these metals react with and eliminate many toxic groundwater contaminants.  In addition to reacting directly with groundwater contaminants, Z-LoyMicroMetal also helps establish and maintain a fertile environment for anaerobic bioremediation.

For a summary of the reactivity of Z-Loy™ MicroMetal with carbon tetrachloride, click below:

Custom Compositions Available -  Z-Loy ™ MicroMetal (Buffered) and More!

No two sites are the same and  Z-Loy™ MicroMetal can be tailored to meet site-specific needs.  Metal only formulations containing up to 65% reactive and long-acting reductants are available.  We offer Z-Loy ™ MicroMetal (Buffered), which includes a  pH modifier (calcium carbonate) for use in acidic sites.  We also have the ability to include sorbants (activated carbon), and catalysts (Pd) depending on the requirements of your remediation project.

Dosing Guide

Below is a downloadable guide for dosing Z-Loy™ MicroMetal and BioGo products