Z-LoyAquaMetal ZVI

OnMaterials is pleased to announce our newest product - Z-Loy™ AquaMetal ZVI - a unique variation of our Z-Loy engineered product line which features catalyzed small particle sized iron suspended in a viscous water-based matrix.

In addition to superior reactivity, Z-Loy™ AquaMetal ZVI features an ease-of-use aspect that is unparalleled by any ZVI material on the market:

              • No powder feeders
                  • No thickening with guar
                      • Pneumatic or hydraulic fracturing is not mandatory
                          • Less material required = Cheaper freight and smaller footprint onsite.

We ship Z-Loy AquaMetal ZVI in 275 IBC Totes and 50 lb pails. All material is made in house and packaged to order.
When diluted with water in the field, the resulting suspension is easy to mix and inject. Behavior is similar to water and soluble amendments.

Proprietary processing methods allow for an organic-free material which has an extended shelf life and exhibits the fastest reactivity of any commercially available iron product.  Z-Loy™ AquaMetal ZVI is ideal material for abiotic reduction of chlorinated hydrocarbons, chromium, arsenic, pesticides, etc.


To learn more about the reactivity of this material and proprietary methods we employ to catalyze and enhance the iron contained in  Z-Loy AquaMetal ZVI, click the button below.  This presentation was given by Dr. John Freim at the 2017 Battelle conference in Miami.