Technical Overview: OnMaterials Products and Services


The link below provides a presentation showcasing effective implementations of our technology as well as product comparisons and  methods from some OnMaterials injection projects.


The above link provides a summary of a completed remediation project in the Petroleum Operations and Logistics yard at Maxwell Air Force Base, Montgomery, Alabama.  We used a metal-assisted bio approach with a combination of Z-Loy™ MicroMetal, EVO, and additional pH modifiers. 


This presentation is taken from the Remediation Workshop seminar series which OnMaterials is involved in.  It is a mildly technical presentation meant as an introduction to ZVI technology and the different approaches for various ZVI remedial treatment systems.  Particle size is a major factor in amendment performance and application and information is provided to demonstrate how our Z-Loy products are superior to other ZVI amendments on the market.  


Learn more about the implications of nanoscale and small-particles size materials in the environmental industry.  This is meant as an introduction and overview of this technology.