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Brief Summaries of some OnMaterials completed projects: (Not all-inclusive)

Industrial facility in Stephenville, TX: A former auto parts manufacturing facility had groundwater impacted with TCE with DNAPL and a 100-plus meters long aqueous plume. OnMaterials designed and implemented a metal-assisted bioremediation program into screened wells using our injection equipment and infrastructure.  Five years after product application each monitoring well is in regulatory compliance including those with initially high and low contaminant concentrations. 


Retail facility in Orange County, CA:  A former auto service center in a high density urban setting was impacted with chlorinated ethenes. OnMaterials designed and implemented a metal-assisted bioremediation program using DPT.  After receiving the client’s initial remedial estimate of $2,000,000 in product cost, we worked with the client to better delineate the plume; this reduced the treatment volume and lowered the product cost to about $300,000. Beyond saving the customer over $1.7 million in product cost alone, the remediation program successfully brought monitoring wells into compliance and achieved full site close-out.   


Tinker AFB in Oklahoma City, OK: 1,2-DCA and TCE was present at high concentrations at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City. Remediation was complicated by the silty, low permeability lithology in which the contaminants were located.  Using our injection equipment and permanent screened wells, metal-assisted bioremediation addressed TCE and other chlorinated ethenes.  This also created a fertile environment for bioremediation and dechlorinating microbes were applied to remove 1,2-DCA - a compound that is not reactive with iron. 


Industrial facility in the Southeastern US:  An active aerospace manufacturing facility was impacted by chlorinated ethenes at low concentrations with a pH below 5.  The client had previously employed bioremediation and chemical oxidation without success.  OnMaterials worked with the environmental consultant to design and implement a remedial action plan that included abiotic reaction with Z-Loy™ MicroMetal and calcium carbonate to mitigate the acidic groundwater.   


Industrial facility in Geneva, NY:  OnMaterials’ Z-Loy™ products were applied to remediate a mixed chlorinated solvent plume at a former adhesive manufacturing facility, allowing this property to be revitalized into a daycare center.  Industrial facility in Central NJ: A vacant manufacturing facility was impacted by high concentrations of 1,1,1-TCA and other chlorinated hydrocarbons.  The indoor locations were addressed using Z-Loy™ MicroMetal and our injection equipment.  The outside locations had contaminant in weathered shale and were addressed using Z-Loy™ MicroMetal and pneumatic fracturing.    


Industrial facility in Upstate NY:  An active manufacturing facility impacted by mixed chlorinated solvents.  Our client injected Z-Loy MicroMetal into screened wells, successfully bringing this facility into regulatory compliance. 


Solvent distributor in Bay Area, CA:  Metal-assisted bioremediation with engineered pH control was implemented at a chlorinated solvent contaminated facility in the San Jose, CA area.  The client has received a no further action disposition from the local water board.   


Dry cleaner in Jacksonville, FL:  OnMaterials provided materials for successful pilot study at dry cleaning facility impacted with PCE. Due to rapid and full remediation in this pilot, client has elected to pursue full scale injection with Z-Loy™ MicroMetal.     


Industrial facility in the Boston, MA area: OnMaterials worked with the client to design a remedial action plan at an active manufacturing facility impacted with TCE. We trained the client’s in-house engineer to mix Z-Loy MicroMetal suspensions and inject into both screened wells and DPT points. 


Maxwell AFB in Montgomery, AL:  Metal assisted bioremediation was successfully applied at a PCE and TCE contaminated site at Maxwell AFB.  The first phase used our mixing and injection equipment to apply Z-Loy™ MicroMetal, emulsified vegetable oil, and pH modifiers into a grid of about 120 injection points at depths of 30 to 45 ft.  This work was completed ahead of schedule and under budget.  The second phase also used our equipment to apply Z-Loy™ MicroMetal, emulsified vegetable oil, and pH modifiers into a grid of about 100 DPT points at a depth of 45-70 ft.  


Industrial facility in Northeast OH:  Pilot and full scale implementation of Z-Loy™ MicroMetal was successfully performed in several stages by our client at an active manufacturing facility impacted by TCE.   


Offutt AFB in Nebraska:  Our client used Z-Loy MicroMetal to successfully enhance bioremediation in the source area of a 100-plus point DPT injection grid in TCE contaminated groundwater at Offutt AFB in Nebraska. 


Dry Cleaner in Lexington, KY:  Our client used Z-Loy™ MicroMetal to enhance bioremediation at a PCE impacted dry cleaner in Lexington, KY helping to close the project early and under budget.   


Moody Air Force Base in Valdosta, GA:  Our client used DPT to inject Z-Loy™ MicroMetal for both pilot and full-scale remediation programs at Moody AFB.