Z-Loy™ MicroBuffer

OnMaterials offers Z-Loy MicroBuffer as a blended additive to our Z-Loy MicroMetal and BioGo in-situ remediation products. It is used as a pH modifier where groundwater conditions are initially acidic or are expected to trend acidic due to degradation of organic bioremediation amendments.  Z-Loy™ MicroBuffer contains small particle size food grade calcium carbonate suspended in food grade glycerol; the same water-miscible degradable donor found in Z-Loy MicroMetal and BioGo. 


Due to the popularity of the Z-Loy MicroBuffer additive we now offer it as a stand-alone product.  It is a low cost, simple solution to the pH attenuation problem encountered at many sites.  It can be co-injected with any of our remediation amendments or with products from other vendors.  Z-Loy MicroBuffer is often combined with EVO and other bioremediation products to sustain neutral pH levels ideal for microbial degradation.   The fluid suspension is much easier to use than adding dry powder in the field; your contractor will appreciate not dealing with the mixing complications, dust, mess, and trash generated from using bags or supersacks of dry carbonate powder.