Z-Loy AquaMetal ZVI - PCE Degradation

PCE degradation exhibits similar, albeit slower kinetics compared to TCE. Once again, we compared sulfidized Z-Loy™ AquaMetal ZVI at a minimal concentration (2.0 g/L) to off-the-shelf carbonyl iron powder at a much higher concentration (50 g/L). A higher loading of PCE was used (40 mg/L) for the Z-Loy™ AquaMetal ZVI test because the day 3 readings were below scale using the lower PCE loading (6.0 mg/L).  

Mass-adjusted K values showed roughly 30x more powerful kinetics for Z-Loy™ AquaMetal ZVI.  

 SummaryZ-Loy AquaMetal ZVI (sulfidized)Carbonyl Iron 
 Dose 2.0 g/L 50.0 g/L

Kmass (L g-1 day-1)

 0.0563 0.00179
 % Removal 92% (21 days) 88% (24 Days)