Injection Pumps

OnMaterials has engineered and assembled a variety of pump configurations that can be used to inject almost all remediation amendments. These pumps are versatile and can be used for DPT or other applications where high pressure may be required.

Key Features Include:

  • Trailer mounted with a 6 ft. x 4 ft. footprint – can be used in small spaces
  • Durable gasoline engines that can be throttled to adjust pressure and flow
  • Camlock input and output, recirculation can be used to adjust injection pressure and flow rate
  • Quiet and smooth operation

Portable injection unit with 25 hp engine. Maximum pressure 300 psi. Maximum flow rate 20 gpm.
Portable injection unit with 14 hp engine. Maximum pressure 300 psi. Maximum flow rate 10 gpm.
Our equipment at work on a challenging overnight job in North Carolina

Pneumatic diaphragm pumps are capable of delivering Z-Loy™ products, emulsified vegetable oil, and other water soluble or low viscosity remediation amendments at low to moderate pressures.   OnMaterials has several different Wilden pneumatic diaphragm pumps that can operate at a maximum pressure of about 80 psi and a maximum flow rate of 10 gpm.   These pumps are well suited for most injection work, including vertical and horizontal screened wells, DPT with sampler screens or retractable tips, or unconventional injection scenarios including open borehole/ packer configurations.  

1" Diaphragm pump on injection cart
2" Diaphragm pump for material transfer