Z-Loy™ AquaMetal ZVI - TCE Degradation

OnMaterials recently undertook a study to compare degradation of TCE with 2.0 g/L sulfidized Z-Loy™ AquaMetal ZVI as well as 10.0 g/L of "off-the-shelf" carbonyl iron powder. What we learned is that greater efficacy against chlorinated contaminants is observed with a lesser dose of Z-Loy™ AquaMetal ZVI versus carbonyl iron - In this case, less is more.

 SummaryZ-Loy AquaMetal ZVI (sulfidized) Carbonyl Iron 
 Dose 2.0 g/L 10.0 g/L

Kmass (L g-1 day-1)

 0.42 0.013
 % Removal 98% (5 days) 59% (7 Days)