Z-Loy™ Pre-Treat

Z-Loy™ Pre-Treat is used for conditioning municipal water destined for use in remedial injection projects requiring deoxygenated water.

  • Municipal water often contains high levels of DO, hypochlorite, and other oxidants harmful to anaerobic biological activity
  • Z-Loy™ Pre-Treat can be added to a water holding vessel (tank, tote, drum, etc.) - after a short period of time, the Pre-Treat will have eliminated DO and will render water reducing. Generally, the larger the tank the longer time required.
  • Z-Loy™ Pre-Treat is not recommended for use in large (1000 gal+) tanks - we recommend a combination of Z-Loy™ AquaMetal ZVI and sodium sulfite for this application.

Easy To Use

Z-Loy™ Pre-Treat material is easy to use.  It is packaged in permeable bags which can be hung or placed in a water storage vessel onsite and disposed of at the end of the project.